Statement on 2013 Australian Defence White Paper

  • Posted on: 26 February 2013
  • By: CICD Executive ...

The Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD) would like to express its concerns on the Defence White Paper 2013.

Our organisation wishes to stress that Australia’s military spending is excessive.

One of the most shocking features of contemporary Australian defence policy is that it guarantees substantial increases in expenditure on the military, unlike all other types of Australian public spending.

The White Paper proposes buying twelve submarines which would be Australia’s largest ever single defence project. Does Australia need 12 submarines at a cost of over $100 billion? What is the risk to justify this massive expenditure and where will the staff come from to operate these vessels.

Our organisation believes that there is no reason for this massive military expenditure.

Many Australians do not have access to good education, housing, health and welfare services. Yet billions are being wasted on defence.

We have been affected by natural disasters and more are on the way due to climate change and other environmental pressures.

Prevention and preparation to deal with these disasters are inadequate. Both the amount being spent and what we are buying seems to show no regard to our actual defence needs or the nation's real threats such as water and food security.

We ask for an immediate halt to any more increases in military spending and a serious review of our defence needs be undertaken. This reassessment has to occur before the Government commits to any contracts for very expensive weapons that we simply can’t afford or need.

We call on you to cut military spending and invest this money in providing better services to all Australian people.