CICD condemns proposed US strikes upon Syria

  • Posted on: 10 September 2013
  • By: CICD Executive ...

We, the members of the Committee on behalf of the Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament, (CICD), raise our collective voices against the threat by the United States to step up their war against the Syrian people.

There is absolutely no evidence or confirmation that the Assad Government carried out the alleged chemical attack. Even if there were evidence, the US Government has no authority to be the self-appointed policeman.

In May, 12 members of the Syrian rebel forces were arrested in Turkey holding 4.5 pounds of the neuro-toxin gas sarin alleged used in August 21, 2013. Why is the US Government and others silent about this?

The Assad government has fully cooperated with the weapons inspection teams.

UN inspection team members have openly stated doubts about the chemical attack.

Indeed, the Obama administration’s justification to wage war on Syria is reminiscent of Iraq, where the supposed existence of weapons of mass destruction were used to justify a gross violations of international Law, national sovereignty and the people’s right to self-determination. Contrary to their claims of protecting civilians and upholding democracy, history has shown the devastating consequences of U.S. military aggression. That included rampant human rights violations, rape, torture, detention and murder of innocent civilians.

As thousands of Syrians continue to flee the capital in fear of a possible foreign military airstrikes, the real motive of the U.S. becomes clearer — to advance its own geopolitical and economic agenda in the region, particularly to gain control of the country’s massive oil reserves. Syria has one of the biggest conventional reserves of crude oil in the eastern Mediterranean.

President Obama is using the same words and tactics of President Bush before the Iraq War.  When the UN Security Council would not support the U.S. war, Bush turned to the U.S. Congress for a war vote giving him “all necessary means”. Ten years later Iraq lay in ruins. A million Iraqis died, millions becoming refugees. More than 1.5 million US soldiers were deployed to Iraq. Today thousands of U.S. and NATO soldiers are disabled, traumatized and 1/3 will suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD).  

Just as in Iraq, Afghanistan and earlier in Vietnam this is again a U.S. war based on lies. Bombing Syria is NOT a 'humanitarian intervention’. It is another war for Wall Street Profit! This time there is a risk of global confrontation or even world war. 

Pope Francis led over 100,000 people in a vigil of prayer for peace in Syria on Saturday evening, September 7. He repeated his urgent plea for peace at his Angelus audience the next day

“What is the point of fighting wars, many wars, if you are not capable of fighting this deeper war against evil?” the Pope said to the crowd. “There’s no point!” 'My heart is deeply wounded by what is happening in Syria and anguished by the dramatic developments" on the horizon, Francis said, in an apparent reference to the U.S. and France considering a military strike to punish the Syrian regime for a chemical weapons attack.

Francis reiterated previous appeals for all sides in the civil war to put down their arms and `'listen to the voice of their conscience and with courage take up the way of negotiations."

A US strike against Syria could spark a world war, Australian religious and political leaders, including archbishops and former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, have said in a joint statement urging restraint.

Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist leaders plus secular leaders have signed the statement by Australians for Reconciliation in Syria saying a US strike would be "an extreme escalation" of the conflict.

We urge governments and the media to listen to the voices of all Syrians, particularly those who are working for a peaceful solution and who reject violence.